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EXCEL PRECISION 1001 series Laser Head is a two-frequency Helium-Neon Laser System designed specifically for use with optical interferometers and associated detection and optics hardware. Laser frequency stability is achieved by utilizing the principle of the Zeeman effect. A longitudinal magnetic field is applied to the laser tube, which causes the atomic level of neon to split into two energy levels. The frequencies of these two levels are essentially equally spaced about the center wavelength and are shifted proportional to the applied magnetic field strength. The laser tube therefore, is lasing at two frequencies with a frequency difference proportional to the magnetic field strength. These two frequencies are separated symmetrically with respect to the original frequency generated before the magnetic field is applied. These laser tubes are specially designed and fabricated at Excel to achieve extremely high accuracy and repeatability during measurement.

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Laser Head
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Interferometer Optics

Excel manufactures laser heads of two sizes. Models 1001A and 1001F are the same size and are smaller than model 1001B. Mechanical variations of these are available on special order.

All of Excel's laser heads are calibrated against a frequency standard that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States Department of Commerce.

Each Excel laser head is capable of six simultaneous measurements. Special products are available for applications requiring more than six axes.

Key Features  
High Resolution
High Precise
High Accuracy
Six Axes Measuring
Easy to Use
Low Cost
Maintenance Free


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