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provides custom laser designs and complete application solutions for precision measurement. The proper choice of our products will satisfy your needs for almost any applications in


This how the middle pages will look, the front page is coming soon. Have been widely used as a "ruler" by industries and research (e.g., Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Machine Tool, Automotive, Robotics, Aerospace, Ship Building, Gantries, Power Components, and Antenna, et al). It uses the length of light as the unit for measurement. Laser interferometers provide better resolution, accuracy and precision (repeatability) than other measurement technique.

Excel Precision provides custom lasers designs and complete application solution for precision measurement. On site support and technical coonsulting is available if required. The proper choice of our products will satisfy your needs for almost any applications in precision measurement including Distance, Velocity, Angular displacement, Flatness and Straightness Measurements, etc.

Laser Interferometer System  
Laser Head
Wavelength Compensation
Beam Splitting & Bending Optics
Interferometer Optics
Excel Precision Co. manufactures the following Beam Splitter and Bending Optics: 1014A 50% Beam Splitter, 1015A 33/67% Beam Slitter, and 1017A and 1017B Beam Bender.
Beam Splitters are used to separate the laser beam into intensity ratios of 33/67% or 50/50% without disturbing the polarization of the laser beam for multiaxis applications. A Beam Bender is used to steer the laser beam in a perpendicular direction. When used in conjunction with Excel Precision laser heads, electronics, and wavelength compensation, our products offer exceptionally high accuracy and repeatability.
Key Features  
High Resolution
High Precise
High Accuracy
Six Axes Measuring
Easy to Use
Low Cost
Maintenance Free


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