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Excel Precision Company Profile

Excel Precision Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of precision measurement systems. The company's systems include interferometers and optical sensors to provide measurement solutions for its customers. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Excel has 3 foreign sales offices throughout Asia.

Excel has demonstrated its ability to innovate by bringing the following products to market:

" High speed interferometer for DRAM manufacturing,
" Innovative technique for absolute metrology accuracy,
" Laser-guided servowriting device for high capacity hard disk drive,
" Weather station for air turbulence measurement in lithography,
" System for simultaneous calibration of all axes of a machine tool or CMM.

Company Leadership
Excel is headed by President John Tsai who has led the company from its founding in 1986. Dr Tsai has focused Excel Precision's resources on meeting key customer needs for precision measurement solutions by using innovative technology.

Excel Business
The business breaks into the 3 key areas of Semiconductor, manufacturing, and hard drive applications.

The semiconductor market consists of equipment to precisely measure the position of a stage often holding a wafer in some stage of processing. Excel Precision has become expert at providing extreme precision and measuring speeds for fast throughput and high yields in this market. Excel Precision also markets its interferometer-based systems for Scanning Electron Microscopes that are often used in the semiconductor market.

Excel has long provided calibration equipment used to optimize CNC machines and Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). While extremely accurate, these calibration kits require hours of valuable machine time to complete the calibration. Excel Precision's latest technology called 6 DOF will measure all critical machine parameters in only two passes with only one simple setup. The resulting increase in machine "up time" and in accuracy due to a better understanding of the measurement interactions promise to be dramatic.

Computer hard drive
Excel has invented and patented a non-contact laser technique that "writes" the tracks on a computer hard disk. This technique increases the storage density and improves manufacturing yield compared to existing mechanical techniques.





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